Finding A Realtor - In Appleton & Beyond

Finding a Realtor Doesn't Have to Be a Bummer!

Finding a realtor doesn't have to be a pain...just as long as you take the time to find the right fit!

Finding a realtor doesn't have to be a pain...just as long as you take the time to find the right fit!

Finding a realtor anywhere can be a daunting task.  Why is this?  Shouldn’t it be easy to just call somebody up on the phone, tell them you want to sell your house, and wash your hands of it until it’s a done deal? Well, in a perfect world, maybe!  But just like a business owner hiring employees, you need to remember that the realtor you choose to work with will be representing you in your quest to sell, in this case your house.  It's a big task!

If you look at it from this point of view, you might begin to understand why people can sometimes be a bit apprehensive when approaching realtors, and even more apprehensive in using their best judgement to say no to the wrong realtor and YES to the right realtor!  Let’s look at some of the ways you can make finding a realtor in Appleton or another city easier.

1) Understand What A Realtor Does

Let’s turn to everybody’s favorite website (Wikipedia) for a quick definition of what a realtor should do: 

“In the United States, real estate brokers and their salespersons (commonly called "real estate agents" or, in some states, “brokers" assist sellers in marketing their property and selling it for the highest possible price under the best terms.”

There you go.  The Realtor is obligated to get you the best deal possible selling your house. But…what about when a realtor is representing a buyer?  Well, in that case, the realtor is obligated to get the best deal for the buyer.  

Hmmm. I can see the question forming in your big old brain right now- what if the realtor represents the seller and the buyer? What happens then?

Well, sketchiness happens, that’s what happens!  Technically, it’s called dual agency, and it’s actually legal, but it requires a much longer conversation than we want to go into here.  I personally prefer to stay away from dual agency and just represent one party FULLY.

The point here is that you want to make sure your realtor is ethical, fair, and has your best interests in mind all the way.  That’s why you should …..

2) Do Your Research

Look, in the day and age of the internet,  it’s become much harder to hide if you are a scummy person, businessperson, or crummy at bowling.  Just kidding about the last part, but you know what I’m saying.  It’s hard to hide if you are somebody who is ethically below par.  By the same token, it’s also easy to find out who makes the grade.  So take a little extra effort to find out what you are dealing with before hiring a realtor.  Here’s specifically what you can do:

Visit Social Media.

Most realtors worth their salt will have some sort of social media presence, especially on Facebook.  Take a quick gander at what people are saying on their Facebook page. If anything raises a red flag, take note.

Look for Online Complaints.

If sellers have bad experiences, chances are they’ll take to the internet to complain.  A quick Google search of the Realtor’s name will turn up any dirt they may be brushing under the carpet.

Looking for a realtor in the Appleton/Fox Valley Area? Give me a call 920-740-3599!

Looking for a realtor in the Appleton/Fox Valley Area? Give me a call 920-740-3599!

Talk to people. 

This may not be as common in modern times, but receiving recommendations from friends, family, and others can save a ton of time.  I personally know that references are earned, not given.  I also know there is no such thing as faking it- if you don’t have people’s best interests in mind, it’ll show eventually.  I’m proud to have built my business on personal references.  Look for people who have done the same when looking for an Appleton Realtor or for a realtor in another state or city. 

3) Trust Your Intuition

The truth is, only YOU know what works for you.  That’s why you have to be honest with yourself from the start when looking for an Appleton Realtor.  Sit down and make a checklist detailing what characteristics you want your realtor to have. You might list “honest”, “businesslike”, “friendly”, “good contacts” and “ethical”, for instance.  When you begin to interview realtors, keep your checklist handy, and if your little internal warning bells, gut feeling, or spidey-sense tells you the person doesn’t have one of the characteristics on your list, take heed. 

You’ll know when you find the right person.  At that point, a really fun and profitable relationship should begin- one that will hopefully result in you reaching your goal.  Remember, a Realtor WANTS you to get the best deal possible on your house, and we work our little bums off til it happens!  So try the steps above, identify the person that works best for you, and go out there and get your house sold.

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