How To Become a Lifeonaire

Live Smartly, Live Abundantly

In the past some of my readers have heard me speak about the Lifeonaire movement, and I've had a few requests to talk more about it.  So for those of you who are interested in living life more abundantly, this week I'm going to talk a little bit more about the principles of Lifeonaire!


So What Exactly does "Lifeonaire" mean?

Lifeonaire is a term coined by the founder of the program, a man named Steve Cook.  Many people concentrate on become millionaires, and Steve was able to reach that goal himself after years of working his butt off as a real estate investor in the Baltimore area.  Steve was the prototypical self-made man, but as he began to make huge profits, his thinking became far from prototypical.

In fact, Steve realized that the life with the huge house, the fancy car, and all the expenses and pressure that came with keeping up that lifestyle was more of a drain than a blessing. He found himself spending less and less time with the people that mattered, and more and more time working to support a business that had become a hungry beast, always consuming Steve's time and energy.  He was exhausted, fed up, and his personal life was crumpling in the process.

Steve got to a point where he realized that it had to stop there, and to make a change he had to shift his thinking completely.  So he began to search for the secret to living like a Lifeonaire instead of a millionaire-- he wanted to become a person who was rich in every aspect of his life, not just financially. 

Steve realized that he could use his expertise as a real estate investor to achieve his Lifeonaire dream-- he just had to apply it in a different way, a way that supported an abundant life, instead of him working to support something that was out of control.  So he crafted a system that helped him to achieve this.  Realizing that the system could be applied by anyone, he charted the course for anybody who wanted to make the same changes in their own lives...and the Lifeonaire program was born!

How Do I Become a Lifeonaire?

Step 1 - Adjust Your Thinking

The first step to becoming someone who is living life abundantly is to embrace the concept and to commit yourself to becoming somebody who lives a balanced, healthy, somewhat unorthodox life.  When I say "unorthodox" what I mean is, you'll need to shift your thinking beyond some of the assumptions you've been taught to believe when it comes to being wealthy and what that looks and feels life. 

To be a Lifeonaire you need to start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur for your own happiness! 

Step 2 - Take Stock of Your Life

Becoming somebody who lives life abundantly is going to also involve taking a laser-sharp look at your life and evaluating what makes you truly happy.  Chances are, your current pursuit of happiness is leaving you drained and exhausted.  And I'd also be willing to bet that you are currently making financial choices that are resulting in more stress and less happiness. 

The Lifeonaire program asks you to eliminate some of the excess spending that you are currently doing...and ask you if you actually needed to be doing that spending in the first place!  Taking a look at your current financial situation may take some courage, but trust me, it'll be like peeling off a band-aid.  It might hurt a lot for a short time, but you'll feel great when you expose what you've been hiding so you can start healing the wound for good!

Step 3 - Commit to Action

The Lifeonaire program is all about taking SMART actions that will lead you towards a happier, healthier, more abundant life. Although the program concentrates on using smart real estate investing to build an income that will support your efforts to live life on your terms, you can integrate the Lifeonaire principles into whatever profession you may be applying your new mode of thinking to.

Step 4 - Get Out There and Do It!

As I said in the last step. becoming a Lifeonaire isn't about subscribing to some magic system that is going to fix all of your problems for you. It's more about creating a framework to apply so you can claim a life that truly makes you happy.  The truth is, we've been taught what happiness means by the media, which is hard-wired to promote a culture of consumption.  Ask yourself if you are ready to break free from the constraints of the status quo. If you are, maybe it's time to start thinking about take the actions necessary to become a Lifeonaire.

I've applied this system to my own life and business, and I can vouch for it's effectiveness.  And I've helped many other Real Estate Investors use the Lifeonaire principles to find success on their own terms. So fee free to contact me for more info!