3 Types of Walkability To Think About When Buying A House in Appleton and Beyond

You can Find Walkability in Appleton - in 3 Types!

When shopping for a new home, we all know there are TONS of factors to take into consideration.  But let's concentrate on a phrase that has become so common it's almost comical. What's that, you ask? Location Location, Location! The things is, some people value and desire different things in a location.  And one of these is WALKABILITY! This fairly new term describes a time-honored tradition - the ability to walk places in a reasonable amount of time to shop or enjoy leisure time and nature.  Who doesn't want that? But consider what TYPE of walkability you want.  Do you want your kids to be able to walk to school? Do you want to be able to step around the corner for an ice cream or cup of fresh joe from the local coffee house?

If you have a growing family, you'll have different priorities than if you are a retiree, like finding good schools.  Let's check out a few of the types of "walkability" you might think about.

1.  City Walkability

Some people just love to gather up their grocery bags, take a 5 minute walk around the corner, load up and zip on back home, all on foot.  Or to saunter over to a restaurant, have a meal, and walk off those calories on the way back home.  Or even better, catch a movie at the local theater without even stepping into a car.  


If this is YOUR type of walkability, you might consider shopping for a property very close to a city center.   And the good thing is, from Appleton to Green Bay to Milwaukee to San Francisco, urban renewal has created tons of new construction, improved infrastructure, and great shopping and dining to support the surging interest in being low-impact on the environment and enjoying all that city living has to offer. 

2. Neighbohood-Type Walkability.

Many people who aren't nessesarily "city people" but still would like to be able to walk places gravitate towards the in-between walkability of suburban neighborhoods - the types of places where you can take an evening stroll or walk the kids down to the local park.  That's why I call this second type "neighborhood-type" walkability.  You might find these types of neighborhoods in places like Appleton proper or in the suburbs.  A lot of people love these type of walkable neighborhoods for giving them a little bit of everything.

3. Nature-Lover Walkability

Even if you live in the more rural areas outside of Appleton or other cities, you can have walkability.  Of course, your walkability will be more about nature.  You might be able to take a long stroll down a country path, explore a nearby creek, or pick some wildflowers.  Don't underestimate this type of walkability if you are somebody who enjoys peace and quiet - you can still be out in the country and have your own unique type of walkability.

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