How NOT to get your house sold fast!

Selling your house in Appleton, the Fox Cities, Green Bay, or anywhere else? Here's what to do if you DON'T want to sell your house fast. (I'll assume you actually DO want to, so take heed!)

1. Keep It Cluttered

Trying to not sell your house?  Make sure to keep it super cluttered, so when people walk through, they only see junk, not house.  To NOT sell the house, we want to keep them distracted by all the mess! That’ll be sure to make all the rooms look smaller too.

2. Don't Make Small Repairs

So what if some small repairs will go a long way in actually selling your house fast in Appleton - we want to NOT sell, remember?  So put off the little things that will actually help you to sell fast, such as fixing that leaky gutter, putting a fresh coat of paint on, or changing out those grungy light-switch covers for some new ones.


3. Overprice It

Another great way to NOT sell your house fast is to overprice it! That way, even people who love your house will be scared away by the price tag. Which brings us to number 4....

4. Don't Do Your Research

By ignoring what all the other comparable houses in your neighborhood or city sold for, we can make sure that we price it incorrectly. 

Obviously I'm having a little fun here. Of course you DO want to sell your house fast.  If you are in the Appleton/Fox Cities area and looking to sell your home, I can help you do it! Or if you live in the Fox Cities or Green Bay area and want to give it a go yourself, download my free ebook on how to get it sold yourself. Good luck and happy selling!