Your Home is Worth Nothing! Just Kidding. Sell Easier By Knowing The True Value

What's the true value of my home? A lot of people wonder about this, so you aren't alone. If you are selling your home, it's of the utmost importance to have a good estimate of its value. Like many other things in life, Real Estate is all about timing, on both the buying and the selling side.  Many people have payed the price in the long run because they didn't know how to correctly list their house in regards to pricing.


Whether you are trying to sell your home in Appleton, New York City, or Katmandu, knowing the realities of the particular market you are selling in is key.  Here's how you can make sure that you have a good idea of where to start when thinking about pricing your home to sell in the Fox Valley:

1. Talk to a Realtor

Realtors live to sell houses, bottom line!  So they are going to make darn sure they know what the "sweet spot" is to sell your house quickly.  We make a study of all the different factors that go into housing values - neighborhoods, schools, the condition of the house, what other houses are selling for in the area, market conditions, etc.  

You can research all you want, but speaking to a trustworthy realtor will give you direct access to the latest trends in your particular area, providing you the info you need to help you sell at the optimum price quickly.

2.  Take to the web!

Second to speaking to a realtor or hiring an appraisal specialist, there are tons of resources on the web to take advantage of.  Let's look at a few of the best online tools where you can get help pricing your house.

At Smart Home Price you can get trusted information about your current home price, see recently sold homes near you, and find out how your home compares.  Besides that get local market trend -- Get trusted advice about local market conditions from experts in the industry!  It is easy just click here.

Using Trulia, you can enter your address, and their site will give you a quick estimate of what it's worth.  (You may have to update, add, or subtract additional info about your property to get the most accurate estimate).

Trulia also excels if you are looking for a house. All you need to do is enter zip codes, states, or cities, and the price range you are looking in, and it will spit it out for you.

It also has a unique "Heat Map" feature that gives you a snapshot of area trends by neighborhood, city, and region.  As a seller, this tool can give you quick access to a load of info that can help you adjust the pricing of your home accordingly.

Zillow features what they like to call a "Zestimate." Get it... Zestimate? Okay, it's a little cheesy, but you see where they are going with this.

As is the case with Trulia, you may want to check and adjust the facts about your home that appear in your Zestimate.  Sometimes, the facts in their database are out of date, so don't be shy about changing things, especially since other people might be looking at the Zestimate when you do put your home on the market.

The National Association of Realtors uses this site as a database for 900+ Multiple Listing Services (MLS) from around the country. 

This is a great site to compare sales in your neighborhood, which can be a fantastic indicator of where your house should be priced.  It's also a good site to research things like general trends, home improvements, and energy savings tips, as well as mortgages and financial advice.

Use these tools to help you get ballpark estimate of what your house can sell for.  And if you are ready for the next step (selling your home in Appleton, Wisconsin and the Fox Valley), give me a call at 920-740-3599!