Start Living Life Abundantly!

Become a Lifeonaire and start living life abundantly!

I thought I'd take the time to explain what exactly a Lifeonaire is - and how you can take the steps to become one yourself!

Living Life Abundantly


Many people think of someone who is "rich" as someone who lives abundantly.  We all see what money buys - nice cars, big houses, fancy dinners.  What we don't see is what is behind all that money! There are quite a few financially wealthy people out there who don't have the time to do what they really want because they are working too much, too hard, and really are just scared it's going to come crumbling down if they don't stop. These people may have money, but they aren't LIVING LIFE ABUNDANTLY! Often times they are in a situation where they are living above their means and face extra pressure because they have gone into debt and their expenditures are just too high.  They are stuck in the same rat race as everybody else - just with higher stakes!

Steve's Story

Steve Cook (founder of Lifeonaire) found himself living this exact story.  A successful real estate investor in Baltimore, Steve realized that, rather than him eating the pie, the pie was eating him!  He had the big house and all the money, but he was beyond stressed trying to keep it all going.  He became a workaholic, and realized he was facing a burnout proposition.  That's when he stepped back to take a look at his life - and realized that living abundantly was different than living for the mighty dollar.  So he set about to change it...


Steve managed to turn his own life around by focusing on his vision of what he really wanted his life to look he WANTED to spend his 24 hrs each day.  Steve shifted his focus to using many of the principles and tools that he now teaches in his own Lifeonaire courses.  Working smart, not working more.  Making YOUR personal vision for your life the goal, and breaking the habits that are ingrained in many of us. Using smart investing to get out of debt, and stay out of debt.  And lastly, taking responsibility for all of your personal choices.  Steve had so much success doing this that people began to inquire what his secret was.  What he taught them was so helpful, that it turned it into a teaching program to help everybody live life abundantly. Lifeonaire was born, and the book was written!

What Does Lifeonaire Have to do with Real Estate?

Not only does Steve teach the Lifeonaire philosophy, he also teaches a nuts and bolts, systematic approach to making money by investing in real estate - smartly!  Teaching from experience, Steve's program shows to how to take the same principles Lifeonaire you can apply to your life - and apply them to real estate.

An Invitation

Personally,  I've had great success putting Steve's tips to use!  So much so that I integrate Lifeonaire principles into many of my own ventures, including the Appleton REIA and my own investment business.  I highly recommend the lifeonaire program for ANYONE who wants to start living life abundantly!