Selling a House on a Busy Street? Lucky You!

Many people think that selling a house on a busy street is going to be a real drag.  Why?  Houses on busy streets face the following problems in the eyes of buyers:

  1. The noise.

  2. The possible problems with parking and dealing with access in and out of driveways (aka having to always wait for traffic to go by when you are backing out).

  3. Possible safety concerns for families with small kids.

  4. The noise.

Okay, you know I like to focus on the positives, so let’s talk about how you can spin selling a house on a busy street to your advantage.  Here’s a couple of things to remember when doing it:

Selling a house on a busy street means you are closer to the action.

What do I mean by this? Well, if you are on a busy street, it can mean that either

a) you are close to a lot of amenities, or

b) you are on a road where access to these amenities can be achieved quickly.  

So use this to your advantage when relaying the benefits of your location. “Close to shopping!” “Great access to town!” It’s all about positive and shaping the narrative to support the GOOD things about your location.

Selling a house on a busy street means you have HIGH VISIBILITY.  

So if you put a sign in front of your house advertising your home for sale, chances are a lot of people will see it! That can’t be a bad thing.  In fact, as a realtor, I offer a special, lower commission to people who are selling their house on a busy street, because I know that by having my sign on the property, not only do I have a great shot to sell the property, but I also get a chance to advertise my business!

Okay, now that you know some of the positives to selling a house on a busy street, go out there and DO IT! And if you need a little help in the Appleton/Fox Cities, contact me and I’ll make sure you get it sold quickly. Good luck!